About Us

Contemporary Carpet Cleaning in Rochester, NY is a family owned and operated non franchised business.

The owner and family are Rochester natives. We are federally secure and had to pass a background check.  We are more concerned with the needs and wants of our customers rather than profit. If you are not happy...we are not happy...simple as that! We are small enough to take care of the specific needs that individual customers might have and big enough to take on the demands of the biggest commercial accounts. Contemporary Carpet Cleaning has never said "NO" to a job due to it being too big or too small. We are in the service business, and service is what we do. We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency spills / accidents / floods. Most work is completed in hours not days or weeks. Sometimes we will send multiple service vehicles to a job site to complete the work in a more efficient manner. Contemporary Carpet Cleaning has employees that are Federally Secure. We do work for the Federal Government and all of our employees have to pass a background check in order work on government property. We only send skilled technicians to customer's job sites/homes. An owner or family member is on every job guaranteed! We are flexible with scheduling.

We offer appointments to fit the customer's schedule, even on nights and weekends if need be. The customer need not be present either. Many of our customers have left doors unlocked or hid keys with a check list of work to be completed while they were not home. We have a bucket of keys to customers houses at our office. We have many hand written letters with comments on them as well as positive online reviews on Yahoo.com. If you would like to personally talk to some of our customers about our quality work we can arrange that. Our business strives from repeat and referral customers. We DO NOT have big Yellow pages adds, television or radio advertisements. Those mediums are not what Contemporary Carpet Cleaning is all about. A lot of the times the best businesses are NOT heard of in a commercialized manner....that's us! Not often but, we have gone back to jobs 3-4 times to properly correct a problem. We give all our efforts to make sure all work is done to the highest quality and that everything is explained to the customer in a manner that they can understand. We take classes and always test "new and better" products to keep up with the ever changing science and technology that goes into cleaning a customer's carpets, tile and grout and or upholstery.

If you or even if WE are not sure how an area of carpeting, upholstery or tile and grout will clean up....we will give you a "free piece of mind sample". That way both parties will see the results.

We have been in business since 1974. We have over 6000 repeat and referral customers in the Rochester area. Very few carpet cleaning companies in Rochester (any business for that matter) have been in business for nearly four decades. When my father started Contemporary Carpet Cleaning, there were fewer than 10 carpet cleaning outfits in the Yellow pages. Now there are over 50 companies listed!

Our point is this; you can choose any carpet cleaning company to clean your home or office, but few companies bring the experience, knowledge and professionalism to the job site as Contemporary Carpet Cleaning! If you feel that we have not given you or your company the best cleaning experience ever, let us know... and we will either fix the problem or refund your money!