Contemporary Carpet Cleaning History

Richard (Dick) Povio (father who started the business) always worked two jobs his young adult life.  Richard went to school at Edison Tech where he took Mechanical Drawing courses.  He then furthered his knowledge of mechanical drawing/draftsman at Monroe Community College.  After school Richard worked for Mobil Chemical and Xerox as a draftsman.  One day a co worker and friend of his (Jim Riggy) asked Richard if he would help and work with him for Jim's janitorial and carpet cleaning business on nights and weekends.  Richard immediately said "Yes".

A short time went by when Jim approached Richard and asked him if he would consider purchasing the carpet cleaning side of the business.  Jim discovered that he really wanted to focus on the janitorial part of the business.  Richard agreed to purchase the carpet cleaning side of the business in late 1974.  Contemporary Carpet Cleaning was born!  For many years after Jim and Richard worked together referring each other work (as the two now separate businesses still went hand in hand).  Richard still worked in the corporate world for a few years while he built Contemporary Carpet Cleaning on nights and weekends.  During that time Richard "got sick of wearing a suit and tie to work every day" (Richard would tell you that is why he chose his own carpet cleaning business over a corporate job) , so he "ditched the suit" and was now running Contemporary Carpet Cleaning full time.

For a good 10 years Richard ran every aspect of the business himself.  As business began to grow he needed help.  In 1994 Richard purchased his truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to service his customers more efficiently.  From there business has grown immensely.  By the end 1994 due to the increased business, plans to add another van and truck mount where in the works.  1994 was also around the time when Richard's eldest son R.J. started to help out and learn the business part time from school and sports.  1996 another truck mount and van was added to keep up with the increasing demand.  1998 another service van was added as well.  In 1998, Richard's youngest son, Kevin started working for the business during the summer and winter breaks from school and sports.  While all the growth was occurring, Richard found it too difficult to always be on job sites and do office work simultaneously.  Richard was now a draftsman made carpet cleaner now made office manager.  In May 2003 R.J. graduated college from Saint John Fisher where he earned his Business Management Degree and started working full time for Contemporary Carpet Cleaning.  In May 2005 younger brother Kevin followed suit after earning his Business Management Degree from SUNY Fredonia.  2006 Contemporary Carpet Cleaning added Tile and Grout cleaning to his list of services offered.  In November 2010 Richard nearing retirement (after nearly 37 years in business) transferred ownership of Contemporary Carpet Cleaning to R.J. In January 2011 a Facebook page was created for Contemporary Carpet Cleaning ("friend" and "like" us to keep you updated and in contact). In March of 2011 our company website ContemporaryCarpetCleaning.com was started.